Mac-n-Cheese bar

8:00 AM

Last week we did our Back to School dinner.  I showed you all the preparation, the theme, and the setting. Now on to the FOOD!!!

Hollie and I thought, what is more back to school than Mac-n-Cheese?   But with our fancy table we needed to fancy up the food a bit too, so we decided on a Mac-n-Cheese bar.

We took our favorite Mac-n-Cheese recipe, or you could even just buy a box of it if you are stretched for time, then we came up with a bunch of toppings to pile on.

We had bacon bits, chopped jalapeno, fried onions, Dorritos, sliced Apple Chicken Sausage, crab lumps, mixed veggies, and black beans.  We found that you can really add anything to macaroni and cheese to gourmet it up!

Our favorites were:
Hubby- Dorritos
Me - black beans, jalapeno, and bacon bits
B - Apple Chicken Sausage and fired onions
C - Crab
A - mixed veggies

So yummy!  We each had a few small bowls with different combos and tried to come up with the best concoction.   After our bellies were more than full, we decided that this was definitely a make again dinner!!

What is your favorite combo?


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