Getting Started - Sweet-Me Christmas

4:55 PM

70 Days until Christmas!

Does that stress you out!?

It's time to re-think the Holidays!  It's time to enjoy the Christmas Season!

Sweet-Me Christmas was designed to help you remember to enjoy the Holidays.  We will be doing the "Twelve days before December" starting November 19th.  Until then, we will have as many tips, hints and inspiration to get you going on a joyful Christmas.

First we need to change our thought process.  If the idea of the the Christmas season strikes a little bit of fear in your heart, then let's change that.  Change requires a deliberate effort.  We must change our thought process, and our Holiday Habits.

Think about last Christmas season.  What did you enjoy?  What needs some changing?  Are you in the habit of procrastinating the buying of gifts?  Do you over-spend every year?  Do you over commit?  Be honest with yourself, without beating yourself up.  Change is about wanting better, not obsessing on everything we do wrong!

This year we are going to change our mindset about how we go about the month of December.   We will make time to enjoy the magic, take in the warmth and share the love!

Do you have any tips you would like to share that helps you embrace the Christmas Season?  We would love to hear them!

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