Are you Afraid of your dreams?

10:32 AM

I am a dreamer. 
I always have an idea!  On most days, the first thing my dear Husband hears when he walks in the door, is me exclaiming, "Oh my gosh!  I had the BEST idea today!"
My mind is always going a mile a minute, and I thrive on the excitement of having an idea, a plan, a dream.  I love to research and strategize how to get my dream to become a reality.  My heart and mind will obsess over it, and it fuels me.  I can't think or talk about anything else.  I'm pumped!  I'm excited!
But then........
My dreams start to get clouded by the logistics.  My idea that seemed so brilliant, so attainable, so real, soon becomes stressful and overwhelming. 
Gone are the moments of excitement and imagination.  Reality sets in.  I remind myself of who I am. 
I am a coward.
I'm afraid to go after my dreams because I feel like I'm not good enough.  I don't have enough time or energy.  It's going to take too long, or it may not work out. 
Sound familiar?
Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can have a dream.  Having a great idea, or a plan, or a dream of a better life does not make you special.  ANYONE CAN HAVE A DREAM!!
What makes someone special, is going after that dream.  Everyone has something they dream about, something that consumes their heart and mind.  What's rare, is the person that has the courage to make it happen.  The key difference between keeping your dreams safe in your heart and  making your dreams a reality is Courage.
Use your God given talents to do something you enjoy.  You weren't given those talents to be afraid of them!    You were given the talents you have to pursue the life you dream of.  You were born equipped to attain your dream.  You have the tools, you have the dream!  Now you need your courage.
How can you get the courage to live out your dreams? 

1.  Write it down!  Tell someone that will support you in this!  Put it out there.  Just talking about it makes it more real.  Sometimes this is a scary process, but it is so vital in the process of making your dreams come true.
2.  Develop a plan.  Set weekly goals and set a time table of accomplishing those goals that get you closer to achieving your dream.  Don't procrastinate.  Time is going to go by whether you are working towards something you want or not, so you may as well be working towards the life you want.
3.  Make everyday count!  Get a support system and keep a gratitude journal.  Being grateful for what you have makes it possible to realize all that you have already been given.  Realizing the beauty and wonder in your life already, gives you confidence in knowing dreams do come true!
4.  Believe in yourself.  Take risks.  When doubt starts to creep in, which it will, step back, take a breath and start over with step 1.
5.  Do it!  Don't give up.  This is your life, live it the way you want to.  Prove to yourself that you can make it happen, and be an example to your family so that they have the courage to live out their dreams too.  Be a dream maker!
Don't be afraid of going after your dreams.  Start small and work up the confidence to tackle the bigger ones. 
I'm so excited about the things I have going on in my life right now, but I'm also very afraid.  I have to let that fear fuel me.  I have to let the rush of conquering my fears launch me further in my process to reaching my goals. 
I know who I am.
I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am a dreamer.  And I'm too afraid to be a coward anymore! 
Who are you?

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