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3:44 PM

Hi! My name is Heather. I am a 33 year old Mama and Wifey. My life is complicated and lately I feel lost. That is why I am changing up my blog a bit. I am trying to find my way again. This is where I will document my journey of trying to get close to being the High Heeled Mama I once was. I am hoping through this blog I can find my joy again. I love to cook, create, take pictures, decorate and be inspired,......well at least I used to. I have always been real on my blog, and I will continue to be. I won't be posting as much of our family adventures here, you can find that on my old blog bloggingwithus.blogspot.com. I will try to keep this blog as just the things that make me happy. Hopefully I can inspire you on my journey to find inspiration again.


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