Giddy List

4:35 PM

For those of you who have been here before, know all about my Giddy List. It's a list of what is making me giddy at the moment.

I have to confess, It feels un-natural to say I have a giddy list right now. I haven't felt giddy in a long while. BUT, things do make me happy, and it's okay to try to feel a a bit giddy. And someday, my giddy lists will be easy for me again.

I am {giddy} that my house is clean and de-cluttered.

I am {giddy} that I have new family pictures coming soon to put on my wall. They mean a lot more to me right now than just pictures on the wall. They are a BIG step in our little family getting back to being our little family.

I am {giddy} that I have a freezer full of sonic ice and a fridge with Hawaiian Punch!

I am {giddy} that Fall is around the corner.

Okay, so that is a pretty short and sad little giddy list, but it's a start. And that is all I need. Little steps.


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