Holiday Planner

5:13 PM

73 days left 'til Christmas!

Thanks for joining the countdown!!!

I feel the best way to truly get ready for the holidays is to make a planner. I am one of those girls that still has to write things down even though I have a planner app on my phone.

So I make my Christmas planner. I make them small enough to fit in my purse, that way it is ALWAYS by my side. This year I made mine into a 5x7. I kept it simple to remind me that this year we are keeping Christmas gifts simple!!


I just bought a 5x7 notepad and glued my holiday scrapbook paper on the cover and back. Then I made dividers and glued them onto pages inside the book to divide up my categories.

This year my categories are: calendar,traditions, cards, 12 days of Christmas, gifts, and Tis the Season.

Here is a link to one of the planners I made a few years ago

Now I can jot down any idea I have for a gift, decoration, recipe, activity, or idea. I can write down the things the kids see or say they want, and I also keep track of where I find the best deals for certain items.

My holiday planner has really made my holiday season a lot easier!!!

Happy Planning!


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