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I have felt really drained latley. I feel like I am just getting by, day by day. I am not excited about anything, I have nothing I'm working on, nothing to look forward to. Just the daily grind, and it's gotten to me.

I'm a creative person. I need to create. I just haven't felt inspired to do anything. I was talking with my Hubby one day, and he begged me to just pick up my camera and shoot something.

It honestly stressed me out. I haven't picked up my camera in months, and beyond that, I haven't really focused on photography in over a year. Being stressed about being creative kind of takes the joy out of it. But I knew he was right. I just need to pick it up and take a picture.

Avery had just lost another tooth, and she was outside jumping on the trampoline, singing songs and having fun, so

I decided to go out and capture her. I feel guilty, my family blog is lacking in the last year. I don't want my kids to grow up and look at the family year books and wonder what the heck happened from 2011-2013, so I need to start making it a priority again.

I have made it a goal to do something creative EACH day for the next 2 weeks. It can be something small, I am not going to put limits on myself, because then it stresses me out, and like we already talked about, creating for me is joy, not stress.

Here are my pictures from yesterday, I haven't done anything inspiring today, so I better get on it, my day is almost over.

And while we are at it, why don't you join me? You know you want to? You know you NEED to!!! Two weeks to find ourselves through our creative energy. Sounds like a plan!! Ready, set! GO!


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