How to decorate for fall

6:49 PM

I have been told that my home is at it's best at Halloween time.

I do love to decorate for Halloween, it's actually my favorite time to decorate.  I have evolved over the years from the cutesy pumpkin kid decor to the now Haunted Mansion decor.

I have found that there are a few tricks to get your home in the Haunted Mansion mood.

1.  candles!  LOTS and lots of candles.  I use the battery operated kind.  It is safer and you don't have to worry about.  I get my little tea light ones at the dollar store.  A few of my candles are on timers too, so they all turn on at 5 in the evening.  Use candles everywhere.  Under a skeleton to light up his face.  By a picture
 to make it look a bit eerie.  If you can find a spot, put a candle there!

2.  spiderwebs!  Put them an your regular decor.  I put spider web on my clock, my family pictures, on our fruit bowel, lampshades,..........everywhere!

3.  creepy crawlys!!!  I have paper bats hanging in our hallway down to the basement.  I have fake mice sitting on our stairs.  I put glue dots on the back of plastic spiders and have them crawling up a door.  Put plastic bugs on table tops, and picture frames.  I got some black ravens at the dollar store, they are fun to add to a lamp shade, or a picture frame.

4.  Paper!!  I love paper.  It's cheap and has so many uses.  I made Halloween banners.  I covered books to look like old Halloween books.  I printed up some fake spells for a spell book.  I made some labels for some potions.  The options are really endless.

5.  Pumpkins!  I love using pumpkins as a table centerpiece.

6.  Have fun!!!


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