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My kids LOVE to be creative.  In fact, we are known to turn off the tv, the computer, the xbox and the phones and just sit around the table and have drawing contests.  When my kids were younger, and the Hubby was working much longer hours, sometimes the only moments of sanity I could get was when I would sit down with the kids and color.  They seriously would do it for hours.  And of course, each piece was a masterpiece!

I used to try to keep as many of the papers of color and imagination as I could, but seriously, we had millions!  I tried keeping just my favorites.  We tried displaying them in frames in the playroom, I even caved and put some on the fridge.  ( I have issues with cluttered fridges!)  My oldest drew an amazing picture of The Salt Lake Temple that I had framed in my house for a long time.  He was only 8 when he drew this.

I feel it very important to instill in my children that desire to be creative.  To use their minds, and their hands.  To learn to think outside the box, and to think for themselves.  Nothing makes me happier than when I am making dinner, and one of my kids is sitting at the counter, coloring, painting, play-dohing or writing a story as we chat and create.

We are all creative souls.  Some of us can draw, some of us can bake or cook, some of us dance, some of us make furniture.   I don't want my children to forget how to use their imagination.  I want them to indulge in the fun of play.  When they are older and have to pick a career, I hope they have the courage to pick something they love to do, and have the confidence to know they can do anything.  I really think that helping them now with their creative learning, will help them to always dream and strive for the best as they get older.

As important as I think this is, I realized that I want to show them how important it is.  So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a big canvas, I used a 40% off coupon, so it was really affordable.  I picked a dozen or so colors of paint that the kids could choose from, that would coordinate with my decor.  I also bought half a dozen different sized paint brushes.

I gave the kids free reign.  No directions, no suggestions, the only rule was they had to create something TOGETHER.

I LOVE what they came up with.  They named it OUTSIDE FUN.

We hung it right up, and they love when people notice it and talk about it.  I believe that a home should have pictures of your life's journey, not just your portraits of your Sunday best.  I love family pictures of a family being a family,......... of a soccer game, a 5th birthday, a family vacay.  I also believe the home should have a piece of every member representing themselves.  Not just a perfectly put together living room that Mom doesn't want anyone messing up!  What could be a better way to show your children how important they are, than to have them feel and SEE it!

How do you showcase your family in your home?


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