Valentine Carving

11:17 AM

About six years ago my hubby and I decided to make a game out of Valentine gifts for each other.  We decided we could not spend more than $5.

It's been so fun to see what we each have come up with.  But I tell you, it's hard to think of something creative each year.

This year I was watching a movie and it had a couple carving their initials in a tree.  It's that cliche' romantic thing, and it's timeless.  I thought "hey, that would actually look cool on a table or book shelf!"

So the hunt started.  I wanted a birch log, because of the white bark.  I searched and then found the perfect log.  I cut the bottom so that it would be level.  Then I found a screw driver and a hammer, and I carved out a heart, and our initials.  All in all the project took about an hour and I really LOVE it.

I can't wait to give it to the hubby.  I think it will be right up his ally!

Do you have any favorite gifts you have given or made for your man for Valentines Day?


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