Do GOOD, feel GOOD

2:43 PM

I was at a conference a week back and was reminded of this Abraham Lincoln quote:

It stuck with me all weekend.

It's really so simple.

When I do GOOD, I feel GOOD.

When I do bad, I feel bad.

So why do so many of us feel bad?  Why are we constantly feeling like we aren't good enough?  Why do we allow ourselves to feel bad about all the good we are doing?
I think another question to ask ourselves is, why are we not recognizing all the good we are doing?

We tend to overlook the kindness we have shown, the love that we've shared, the service that we have performed, and instead focus on what still needs to be accomplished.  We don't let ourselves feel rested or satisfied with our day, because we keep a running tally of what else we could have done.

We have to start realizing the GOOD we are doing!  Every day!!!  We need to acknowledge our worth and to feel at peace with who we are and what we do.  Start small if this is difficult for you.

Feel good about the good you are doing.  Feel confident that your efforts to make your day, your family, your community, your world better are being realized!  Small efforts, big efforts, ANY effort you made today to make it a brighter day, is a good thing.  A wonderful thing!  Kind words, kind acts, they are contagious.

Feel good about the good you are doing, because it is fueling someone else to do good too!

What if we all just focused on the things we didn't accomplish today? What if every one felt bad about the good they did, because it wasn't enough?  Wouldn't that be contagious too?   Wouldn't that burden be so heavy that eventually we would be crippled to even begin to do something good, for fear that we still weren't good enough?

STOP feeling bad about what you are NOT doing.   If you didn't do something BAD, do not feel bad!!!

Feel good about the good your are doing!  Focus on that!  Let THAT fuel you to do better tomorrow, instead of guilt that you weren't quite good enough today.

** It's silly to feel bad about a good thing you did not do, and ignore all the good things you DID do! ** (Now I kind of sound like Dr. Seuss!)

Feel good about the good you are doing!!


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