Sweet-Me Christmas Day 3 - Cards and Pictures

6:00 AM

It's that time of year!  Time for family pictures!

I know this is a love/hate relationship for most.  It's always a struggle to get everyone excited about dressing up, looking nice, and sitting still.

Then you have to pick the outfits.  Choose a Photographer.  Pick a location!!!  Oh, the stress!!!

This year, let go of that stress!  Try to have fun with your pictures.  Pick a location that the kids can explore as well as smile for the camera.  Choose clothes that everyone will like and wear again.  Have your children help you pick their outfits, that way there is less of a rebellion.

When it comes to picking out your outfits, I always say pick something you love on you, then plan the rest of your family's outfits around that.  You will be most critical of what you look like in your pictures, so if you feel good about your appearance, then you will love your pictures that much more.  Also, stay away from "matchy matchy" outfits.  It looks better to have them coordinate and compliment each other, instead of trying to be twins.

The Sweet-Me family just had our pictures taken and these were the tips we followed:
*  Pick a location with several back-drop options
*  Pick a neutral color scheme
*  Bring snacks that are not messy for the littles
*  Bring snacks that are not messy for the Dads!
*  Have fun!

We didn't hire a photographer because I love photography and like to play around with it.  I just set up my tripod and had at it.  I have named myself the "tripod queen" because I have always taken our family pictures this way.  It is getting late in the season, so if your favorite photographer is booked up, give your tripod a try, or enlist a friend to come shoot for you.

Now that you have your pictures done, it's time to make those Cheerful Christmas cards!  I love that there are so many options now.  Here are some of my favorites this year.  They are all from Tiny Prints.


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