Holiday Orders

1:49 PM

We are changing things up around here!  

After some awesome feedback from my customers, I have decided to change the terms of ordering.  
When I first designed these bracelets I wanted them to go along with my book.  My book will focus on a word, a quote and questions to help you to gain direction and understand your purpose in certain aspects of your life.  So my thought was, to make these bracelets, with a focus on a word and a quote, to wear to help remind yourself of your goals.  And of course, I am all about giving, so I thought, how fun would it be to give one to your sister, your Mom,  your daughter, a friend.

That is how I came up with the "One word.  Two Bracelets.  $30."

It's been a few months, and I have done some research and talked with customers and have decided to go in a little bit of a different direction.  The thought is still the same, but instead of getting two of the same bracelets, you can now pick two bracelets of any style!!!!  I have realized that while the "STRONG" bracelet may be one that fits with your life right now, the "DISCOVER" bracelet might be just what your best friend needs.

Or, you could always order two that YOU need in your life right now.  They are too cute to pass up!

Now on to the Holiday news!

As a special gift to you, I am offering TWO BRACELETS for $24.99.  That's $5 off.  Offer good through Saturday, December 12th.


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