2016 One Little Word

10:57 AM

I have chosen a word to focus on throughout the year since 2012.  I love this idea from Ali Edwards and I encourage you to try it to too.

This year I had a few words picked out that I was trying to pick through.  And then I finally picked my word.   I had picked the word COURAGE.  I was set to that.  I made up a printable, I was picking quotes.  I was excited.

Then, BAM!  New Years morning I woke up and I could not get the word "START" out of my mind.  I tried, I already had my word picked out,............but my word picked me.

So my year for 2016 is START!!!

I want to START my mornings off right!
I want to START embracing each day.
I want to START being brave.
I want to START living my life.
I want to START really working to make my dreams a reality.

I think one of the hardest things for me is starting!  I have lots of dreams and ideas.  I have lots of love and good intentions.  I want to step out of my box and be adventurous.  But I have a hard time doing it.  I just need to start!

I need to let go of the thinking that everything needs to be in order for me to start.  I can start on a Monday or a Thursday.  I can start after I've failed.  I can start over and over again.  I just need to START!

What is your One Little Word of the year!?

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